The Future of the Internet

Most of us tuned in tonight eagerly awaiting the words that would flow from Mark Zuckerberg.  Since my wonderful husband has been holding the T.V. hostage, I jumped on the 60 Minutes website and caught the footage.  I also caught this extra footage of Christopher Cox, Head of Product Development for Facebook, sharing a few of his thoughts on not only Facebook, but the future of the internet (and TV) in general.



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Do you have Facebook Post Insights yet?

Don’t we all just love when Facebook adds something new?  Especially a something that helps us better monitor exactly what is working and what isn’t?  Now, perhaps I’m wrong, and just not that observant, but I don’t recall ever seeing this feature before.  After checking the Facebook Blog, and finding no help, I felt I should share my discovery.  I was able to confirm that this is a relatively new feature, that is, for us smaller brands and individuals that utilize Facebook pages.  However it has been offered and utilized by big names for quite some time.  You can read more on it here.

Now then, while you all are looking closer at the picture, and laughing at my stats, in my defense, Social Blend Media’s Facebook page has only been live for a few weeks.  (So you should like us!) 🙂  Anyway, in all seriousness,  this is a great new feature that will allow for tracking on particular posts, subjects, and allow us to really get down to what you like and what you don’t.  This is a far leap from only knowing what was being noticed when someone commented or “liked” your post.

Most of us when navigating through the net, whether it be Facebook or some random website, look for interesting content, something that you can use, or want to know about (or if something is being given away for free helps too.)  So when something is passed by, we now know – you don’t care.  Which is good, that means less annoying content for you, and more time creating good content for the brand in question.

This new post insight will be a great addition to the Facebook ads tracking system.  Together, you’ll really be able to see your strategy coming together, see what needs to be changed, and what your followers cannot do without!

If this has shown up on your account, what are your thoughts? Do you like it?  Does it matter to you?  Let us know!

P.S.  Don’t forget our new flashy site is launching 12/1/10!  See you there! (

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Augmented Reality app by String.

Such an amazing app, we just had to share!  You can find out more about this at: Powered By String

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A great little black (Friday) app.

Ah, with the holiday’s just around the corner, our credit cards are prepping for the big spree, and holiday music has already been blaring out of car windows for nearly a month.  When it comes to holiday shopping, Black Friday is the day some love, and some love to hate.  More recently came Cyber Monday, which works perfectly for most who now prefer to shop in the comfort of their pajama’s or on their lunch break.  One thing I have noticed this year, that much like the holiday music starting before (yes before) Halloween,  the Black Friday sales seem to have started nearly a week early.  Retailers and customers alike are taking advantage of using social media to publicize and shop.

While I am one of the many Verizon customers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone,  I do have access to my wonderful iPod touch, which allows for most apps that are made for the iPhone.  One app in particular caught my eye a couple of weeks ago… The TGI Black Friday app by Ecatcher, (you can get it here) let’s you in on the latest deals for Black Friday.  It is a great little app that allows you to search by item, store, or latest discounts that they have added.

TGI Black Friday’s app is a great little tool for those obsessed with getting the best deal on  Black Friday.  So check out the app, and get some great deals for this holiday season.  Enjoy, stay safe, and if you come across any other great Black Friday Apps, let us know!

Oh, and just a side note for anyone Starbucks obsessed like we are: Our local Starbucks is opening @ 2:30 am for all those caffeine deprived shoppers, so check your local store for when you can get your fix before waiting in line!

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The new social browser, RockMelt

When it comes to browsers, everyone has their favorite.  Take my mother for instance, she used Netscape (like 6.something) for years, in fact I think she still secretly fires it up when I’m not around.  While you might be laughing, she had a very good reason for it.  She liked the email feature that so many browsers lacked, until Thunderbird.  So as all things, the day comes when we have to let go and move on.  That happened for my mother about a year ago when she found Thunderbird and fell in love all over again.  My point is, we all find one that we like, and stick with it.  (Maybe for only a short while for some.)  I spent years using Internet Explorer, and swore by it.  I tried Firefox and Safari, and they just weren’t for me.  When Google Chrome came out, it took me a good six months before I would even consider the download, and up until recently, Chrome has been my browser of choice.  Until I met RockMelt.

When I saw the post on Mashable about RockMelt, I almost couldn’t click and sign up fast enough.  Maybe because I’m a social geek, or perhaps I like the thought of having everything right at my fingertips.  Whatever the reason, I just had to have it.  Above, you’ll see a screen shot for signing up, you’ll notice you log in with Facebook, which may not seem out of the ordinary as nearly everything today asks you to login the same way.  However, the fun is only beginning.

I’ll be the first to admit that I keep my Facebook page open while I’m working or surfing the web, even at times when I’m watching Netflix on the computer.  Nearly every time I leave Facebook idle, I receive a message from someone that I’ll find hours later when I happen to click back.  How frusterating!  If I had been on the fence about RockMelt, within the first 20 minutes I would have changed my mind.  There I am minding my own business, designing some new business cards and BAM!  Hello person IMing me through Facebook, or should I say right through RockMelt.

I finally get the message that I otherwise would have missed.  Let me quickly list some of the key features I found most helpful:

  • You can see who is online/offline
  • You can designate your “favorite” people.
  • Write directly on someones wall from the browser
  • Connect multiple Twitter Accounts
  • Oh yeah, and the IM pops up and alerts you!

Just my little take on a great new browser.  (I think I have an invite left if anyone wants it!)

Have you tried it?  Will you?  What are your thoughts?

Wishing everyone a great week, and of course, Stay Social!

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The most important reason to utilize LinkedIn

Like many out there, earlier this year I found myself unemployed.  One day, out of nowhere, BAM, “thank you, but your services are no longer needed.”  What an awful feeling, one I’ve heard that many relate to the death of a loved one.  While I understand how business works, and I understand the need to save money especially when times are tough,  from my experience I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for a little social media platform called LinkedIn.

When I found myself unemployed, my first thought was to reach out to my network.  Let them know I was looking, and instead of one set of eyes looking for me, I’d have hundreds.   Then shock rolled over me as I realized that all my connections, my binder full of business cards of everyone that I had met was sitting in my old office, at my old job.  After a moment of utter panic, I took a deep breath, thought for another moment and proceeded to laugh until I cried.

I fired up my good old PC and in no time flat there I am staring at my contacts in my LinkedIn account and realized 90% of the contents in that binder of business cards was right in front of me.  Still giggling a little, I got to work.

If it had not been for LinkedIn, I wouldn’t be able to contact half of the people I had created relationships with, unless, by chance I ran into them.  Personally, I don’t like my odds.  I cannot suggest the usage of LinkedIn enough.  If you meet someone who seems interesting, works at a cool place, or knows all the right networking groups, connect with them.  That way, you have a way to contact them, no matter what happens.

Thank you LinkedIn, for saving me.

Stay Social!

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Attention Writers, Publish Yourself? Exactly.

Photo by: Barnes and Noble

 I don’t know about you, but I have often thought of writing a book, or even taking my blog and putting it together and publishing it.  Then I think of all the effort, and especially money that it would most likely take to make that thought into reality.  That was until this morning when my best friend sent an email from Barnes & Noble to my inbox – making it go from idea to reality just like that. 

I have a passion for writing, and part of most writers passion is to share it with the world.  I believe it is one of the reasons that blogs have become so popular.   That is why I am so excited to share this great little piece of information with you, and give thanks to Barnes & Noble for understanding their customers. 

So this great new invention I’m speaking of is called PubIt!   Here’s how it works – straight from the horses mouth. 

 How great is that?  Giving you a much bigger audience to share your thoughts, dreams, idea’s and give inspiration.  (Not to mention find it!) 

If you do decide to register with PubIt! we’d love to hear about your experience! 

Stay Social!

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